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Parle Moi de Parfum - Gardens of India / 79


  • Creation time: almost a year.
  • Ingredients: Tuberose, Jasmine, Sandalwood.
  • Origin: India.
  • Quality: the purest on the market.
  • For: a person for his/her entire life.


  1. Get up early on a morning of June. Pick a few Jasmine buds, let them blossom before extracting their Absolute;
  2. Admire the Tuberose fields during the summer, and wait for this exceptional flower to bloom fully at the beginning of autumn;
  3. You are almost done! Distill a few pieces of Sandalwood until the first drops of its essence instantly transports you into its woody and creamy universe.

Creator’s note:

“It took me more than twenty years of research and testing to create this fragrance, don’t waste time!”

Notes: jasmine, tuberose, sandalwood

50 mls - Made in France